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Eminent Educationist Physicist Prof. Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua is selected for “Ekushe Smarak Sammanana Padak” by Chittagong City Corporation of Bangladesh

Eminent Educationist Physicist Prof. Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua is selected for
“Ekushe Smarak Sammanana Padak”
by Chittagong City Corporation of Bangladesh

( Triratna Press Release)

An eminent educationist physicist , talented organizer, good writer, orator, internationally world honored renowned Buddhist leader, hero freedom fighter, founder of many organizations and education institutions Prof. Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua has been selected for “Ekushe Smarak Sammanana Padak” ( Ekushe Memorial Honor Medal) by the Chittagong City Corporation of Bangladesh in recognition of his remarkable praiseworthy contributions in the field of education. The award will be handed over to Dr. Barua on 21st February ( International Mother Language Day) at the premises of Muslim Institute at 4pm by Honorable City Mayor A J M Nasir Uddin.

Prof. Dr. Barua was born on 1st December 1943 in a traditional sophisticated honored Buddhist family of Mahasaddharmagram Aburkhil under Raozan Upazilla in the district of Chittagong, Bangladesh. His father was eminent social leader Kailash Chandra Barua and mother virtuous Buddhist devotee Mallika Rani Barua. His grand father Late Sarat Chandra Barua was a powerful mahajan of that time. Prof. Dr. Barua started his education in local primary school. He passed the Mastriculation examination in 1960 in First Division from Aburkhil Amitabha High School. He was the first student to get first division in Matric from that school since the inception of the school in 1942. Prof. Barua did his honors degree in Physics from Chittagong College and got his M.Sc. degree in Physics in 1966 from the University of Dhaka with First Class third position in Theoretical Physics. Prof. Barua obtained his Post M.Sc Associateship Diploma in 1975 from Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics in Kolkata, India. Prof. Barua was awarded with Ph. D degree in Science ( Physics) by the University of Kolkata in 1982 for his thesis on “ Studies of Elastic Constants of Metals and Alloys”. His Thesis Supervisor was Prof. Dr. Sunil Kanti Sinha.

Prof. Dr. Barua started his teaching profession from 1st July 1975 in Cox’s Bazar Non Government College . He then joined Rangunia Degree College and later joined Barisal Govt. College on 17th April 1969. Prof. Barua served at Chittagong College in different capacities, Govt. City College, Chittagong and served the Department of Physics as Head of the Department for nearly six months and then to Chittagong College, Chittagong. Prof. Barua joined the Department of Physics at the University of Chittagong on 13th December 1984. He was promoted to the post of Professor of Physics on 8th March 1994. Prof. Dr. Barua served the Physics Department as Chairman for three years and retired from the University of Chittagong on 30th June 2010. Prof Dr. Barua has total of 42 years and half in his his teaching profession and now there are hundreds of thousands of students throughout the country. In his student life he also served at Primary School and High School. Prof. Dr. Barua is the member of the Board of Trustees of Atisha Dipankar International University ( Proposed) at Bajrajogini, Munshiganj, Bangladesh.

Prof. Dr. Barua attended many international conferences, seminars, symposiums in national and international and submitted papers in World Fellowship of Buddhists and Buddhist Youth, World Conference Religion and Peace, Asian Buddhist Conference and Peace; World Association of World Federation; Symposiums on Physics; Conference on Buddhist Tourism Circuit in Bangladesh etc.

Prof. Dr. Barua along with his teaching profession was actively engaged in social activities since 1962. His social activity life is at present more that 55 years. He is associated with many socio, religious, cultural, benevolent, development and scientific organizations. For expansion of education his contributions are praiseworthy. Prof. Dr. Barua is the Founder of Aburkhil Janakalyan Primary School in his home village. He was proposer of Ashalata College, West Guzra, Raozan, Chittagong and was the General Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the College. He was member of the Governing Body of the College as Representative of Education Board and DG Education for two terms. Prof. Dr. Barua was founding member of the Organizing Committee of Agrasara Girls’ College, East Guzra Raozan, Chittagong and he was the Chairman of the Governing Body for one time and contributed a lot for women education. Prof. Dr. Barua was the founding member of the organizing Committee of Karal Girls’ High School, Patiya, Chittagong. Prof. Dr. Barua was also founding member of Dharmarajika High School at Dhaka. Prof. Dr. Barua was also Chairman of the Governing Body of Aburkhil Amitabha High School, Aburkhil, Raozan, Chittagong and is now donor member of the school.

For contributions towards education Prof. Dr. Barua was awarded with Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award by Mahatma Research Council at Dhaka. And Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award by the Amar Prakashani at Dhaka. He was awarded with Mother Teressa Memorial Award for contributions towards education by Mother Teressa Research Council at Dhaka , Certificate of Honor by Nirvana Peace Foundation, Journalist Bimalendu Barua Peace Award by the same organization for contributions towards education.

Prof. Dr. Barua is associated with many socio-religious-benevolent-cultural and development organization thus contributing a lot in various fields in the society and the country. For contributions in various fields he is awarded with title, honors and certificates. Prof. Dr. Barua has been awarded with Best Social Worker Award, Srigyan Atisa Dipankar Gold Award from Bangladesh, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Mahapragyaratna Award from India, The Outstanding World Buddhist Leader Award from Thailand, Most Venerable Master Hsin Yun Peace Award from Bangladesh ;Appreciation Plaque by the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) in Thailand, Certificate of Appreciation by the WFBY in Taiwan; Certificate of Merit by Korean Buddhist Monks, Kathan Shishu Sahitya Award; Chittagong Science Council Award; Ekushe Smarak Sammanana by Sandhipana Sanskritic Forum from Chittagong; Biswabandhan Sammanana by monthly Biswabandhan in Chittagong.

Prof. Dr. Barua is having many titles for his contributions in different fields. The titles are ‘ Lokanadita Lokatilak’, ‘ ‘Deshabandhu’, ‘Dharmaratna’ , ‘Messenger of Peace’, ‘Upasakratna’, ‘ World Buddhist Great Jewel ( Bishwa Bouddha Maharatna)’ ‘ Mahasaddharmakobid’, all from Bangladesh; “ Bishwakirthi Sri Saddharma Gabeshi” from Sri Lanka.

Prof. Dr. Barua has received Certificate of Excellence as Rotarian from National Polio Plus Committee Chair for contributions towards the eradication of Polio from Bangladesh. He has also received Certificate of Appreciation for organizing a protest mass fasting against the cruel devastation and demolition of Bamyan Buddha Statue in Afganisthan.

Prof. Dr. Barua is a Freedom Fighter. At the clarion call of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Prof. Dr. Barua participated in the freedom struggle and organized the movement nationally and specially in India for the whole of nine months. For contributions in the freedom struggle Prof. Dr. Barua has been awarded with “ Swadhinatar Bandhu George Harrison Award 2016” by the Free Lens Journalists Association of Bangladesh in Dhaka..

Prof. Dr. Barua is a well known researcher in Physics. He has published seventeen research papers on Physics which have been published in USA, Germany, Netherlands, India and Bangladesh.

Prof. Dr. Barua has written books on different subjects like Environment, Buddhist Philosophy, Biography etc. His books are : Priyananda Mahajiban, A Short Biography of Ven’ble Atisa Dipankar Srijnan, Samata O Shanti ( translation); Paripurnata O Mukti ( translation); Manabadi Bouddha Dharmer Moulik Baishisthata ( translation), Paribesh O Addhyatthik Sangrakkhan( translation); Abeg, Arthaniti O Naitikata (translation); Dr. Kalyan Priya Bhikkhu- an apostle of Journey to Dedication and Peace; Buddhism and its Perspectives; Buddhism and its Thoughts; Atisa- the Great; Wisdom sees Loving Kindness and Compassion.

Prof. Dr. Barua has written more than 300 articles on different which have been published in different journals, magazines, daily papers of the country and outside the country. Prof. Dr. Barua attended seminars, symposiums, conferences in different parts of the world and contributed a lot towards the enhancement of the image of the country. Prof. Dr. Barua traveled in the different countries in connection with conferences, seminars, symposiums and good will mission etc. The countries are: USA, USSR, Canada, Australia, UK, Japan, China, India, Mongolia, Taiwan, Singapore, Bhutan, Myanmar, Korea, France, Italy, Scotland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Nepal.

Prof. Dr. Barua is assocpated with many socio religious cultural benevolent development organizations thus contributing a lot towards the progress and enlightenment of the society and the country. Prof. Dr. Barua is the Founder President of Aburkhil Janakalyan Samiti- Bangladesh which is a Regional Center of the WFBY in Bangladesh; Founder President of Center of Excellence in Buddhist Studies; Founder President of Buddha’s Light International Assocation, Bangladesh Chapter; at present President of Chittagong Science Council; Joint Secretary General of Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha, a Regional Center of the WFB in Bangladesh; President of Bangbandhu Shikkha O Gabeshana Parishad, Greater Chittagong; General Secretary of Bangladesh Buddhist Monastery Management and Development Committee; Secretray of Nava Pandit Vihar Development Committee, Chittagong; Founding Convener of the National Federation of the WFBY Regional Centers in Bangladesh; Director of the World Buddhist Peace Foundation in Colombo, Sri Lanka; Life Member of Association of Overseas Training & Scholarshi, Chittagong; Life Member, Board of Trustees, Nippon Academy, Chittagong; and many others.

Prof. Dr. Barua is the only Buddhist of Bengal who have been elected consecutive three times Vice President of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) , Thailand ( it is a world record for the Buddhists of Bengal); Prof. Dr Barua is also only Buddhists in whole of Bengal who has been elected consecutive four times elected Standing Committee Chairman on Publication, Publicity, Education, Culture and Art of the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) and still Chairman it is a world record for the Bengali Buddhists).

Prof. Dr. Barua is associated many quarterlies, monthlies. He is the Chief Advisor of Bangladesh Buddhist News Media Forum, Chief Advisor of Monthly Leadership, Advisor of Quarterly Maitribarta; Chief Advisor of Bodhikatha; Chief Advisor of Mahamaya and many others.Prof. Dr. Barua is the member of the Editorial Board of Kristi- the organ of Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha. He was the Ex Advisor of Daily Bangladehser Swadhinata ( now not published), was the Chief Advisor of Suprabhat Raozan, Chittagong; He is the Chief Advisor and Publisher of monthly Biswabandhan; Founder and Chief Editor of Pellucid- a Non Political Bi Lingual Humanistic Publication Quarterly; Ex Editor of Kristi Bulletin, Organ of Bangladesh Bouddha Kristi Prachar Sangha.

Prof. Dr. Barua is a legend in the present day context of the Buddhists of Bangladesh. Such a dynamic leader in the Buddhist society of Bangladesh is very rare. From the family of Triratna sangha we extend our heartiest congratulations for being awarded with Ekushe Smarak Sqammanana Padak for his contributions towards Education by Chittagong City Corporation.

May the blessings of the Great Triple Gem be on Prof. Dr. Barua and we wish that he will be able to contribute more in the society and the country in the days to come.

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